A Tribute to Our Mom

Judith Anne Fulmer

November 19,1939 - September 28, 1999

Mom was born in Philadelphia on November 19, 1939. She was adopted by Elizabeth and Richard Dillinger on July 15th, 1941 and was raised with her adopted brother Richard Dillinger, Jr. Mom worked as a medical assistant when she met her future husband. She married Robert J. Fulmer on December 28, 1963. He was her devoted husband for nearly 36 years. Together they had four children: Lise, Robert Jr., William, and Paul.

Mom loved antiques. She was forever stopping at places Dad teasingly called "junk shops" and picking up little knick-knacks and small pieces of furniture.

Mom loved growing things and raising animals. Because of this, she and Dad moved us to the farm where they lived together for the past 22 years. Together they turned this place into a wonderful home where they nurtured their children as well as the plants and animals. None of us would trade this life for anything. It allowed Mom and Dad to teach us a unique set of values. They raised us and taught us how to love and care for others. They taught us the value of friendship and that friends and family are more important than anything else. They taught us about sacrifice and the rewards of giving to others.

As we got older and developed more friendships Mom welcomed our friends into our family. One of our friends called her a "professional mom" because she cared for all of our friends as if they were family. Eventually we married and grandchildren were born. As with our friends, our spouses and our friends' spouses and their children were treated like family. The grandchildren had a special place in her heart. She doted and fussed over them. They became the center of her world.

We will always have wonderful memories of her and our life with her. We love her and she is greatly missed by everyone who knew her.

-All of the "Kids"


Mom's favorite bird.
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